George Fogg Workshop

Weekend of January 6-8, 2012

Friday January 6, 2012

Friday Evening Dance Party

Lancashire Reel
Haste To The Wedding
Jefferson's Reel
The Hop Ground
E Shukar
Bonnets So Blue
Circle Waltz
Duke of Kent's Waltz
Trgnala Rumjana
Yar Ko Parag
Ali Pasa
Butterfly Hornpipe
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Other Notes:
Butterfly Hornpipe
The Royal Albert
Leather Lake House

Saturday January 7, 2012

Good Morning

The Ragg (Make it Flow)
Softly Good Tummas  (Duple Minor)
The Royal Albert   (Duple Minor)
Heidenroslein  (Square)
Leather Lake House  (Triple Minor--non-dithering--KDI 2008)
Blaydon Races  (Circle)
Constancy  (Duple Minor John Griffiths Collection  Balancér  Chassee)


Indian Queen
Shandy Hall  (sets of 4)
Delia (Triplet  mirror hey)
Young Widow (Triple Minor)
Rufty Tufty  (use Sharp siding)
Come Let's Be Merry (triplet Beautiful 3/4 rhythm)
Early One Morning
Winter Solstice
Foula Reel
Thady You Gander
Drops of Brandy
Two Cousins

Sunday January 8 2012


Mad Robin (no hand contact -- man cast goodby, the greet hello)
Bonny Cuckoo
Long Live London
Softly Good Tummas
Winter Solstice
Circle Waltz

Thanks to Jean Murray, John Daly, and the South Brevard Dancers for a weekend of dance, good food, and great fun